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National Squad Members

The list of national squad members coming soon. 
These athletes are selected to the Squad by GSNZ under the following criteria:
GSNZ HP Strategy
In 2008, GSNZ developed through the High Performance Advisory Group (HPAG), a High Performance strategy to develop athletes in New Zealand.

This strategy has been developed based on the requirements of New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC)
and Sport & Recreation New Zealand (SPARC). The strategy has been designed to give clear expectations
for High Performance, Performance and Talent Identification (TiD) athletes.
The high performance sport environment in NZ has changed significantly within the last 10 years with the
restructuring of the NZ Sports Foundation and Hillary Commission to form SPARC and the establishment of the NZ Academy of Sport. Furthermore the NZ Olympic Committee has established strict selection policies to ensure the athletes selected to represent NZ at Commonwealth and Olympic Games do so with
distinction. In 2006 SPARC launched its High Performance Strategy clearly stating its objectives and
expectations for high performance sport in NZ.
At this point in time only one athlete(Angela McMillan - Aerobics) is considered at a high performance standard where SPARC invests its resources. It is against this background that this Strategy has been developed. The strategy defines High Performance, Performance and TID as;
High Performance
High Performance is defined as consistent achievement at international level with results equal with an
ability to place:
• in the top 16, or top 50% for teams, in Olympic Games and/or World Championship events for MAG,
WAG, RG and TRA;
• in the top 3 for Aerobics at World Championships.
International events include Olympic disciplines and non-Olympic global sports that meet the IOC
definition of “global sports”.
High Performance is not a ‘right’ of any code, sport, individual club, coach or athlete nor does it refer to
‘tours’, either by NZ teams or individual clubs.
The Performance Stage is defined as achievement at international level with results equal to a finish:
• in the top 25% for individual all around and apparatus and top 50% for teams in CWG for MAG,
WAG, and RG;
• in the top 50% in World Championship or other defined International events for MAG, WAG, TRA and
• in the top 25% in World Championships or other defined International events for AER.
Talent Development
The TD stage is defined as a programme for athletes who have demonstrated potential to achieve Perform
Stage results. Results from domestic events including National Championships and specified international
events (named by the HP Advisory Group) will be used to select Talent Development athletes. Athletes will
continue in the TD Stage provided they continue to progress towards the achievement of Perform Stage