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2011 Results
2011 TCI Series #3 (Trampoline Canterbury Interclub) Tramp, DMT
2011 Canterbury Senior Artistic Championships
2011 South Island Artistic Championships
2011 Delta Rythmic Recreation Competition. - Olympia Results only
2011 Canterbury Junior Artistic Championships
2011 Canterbury Primary Schools Trampoline Competition
2011 CSG Classic
2011 GSNZ Rhythmic, Trampoline and Aerobics NATIONALS
2011 TOTS Results
2011 GSNZ Rhythmic South Island Championship Results
2011 GSNZ South Island Trampoline Championship Results: Tramp DMT Synchro
2011 Marlborough Open MAG & WAG Results
2011 North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastic Championships: Results
2011 Counties Manukau Rhythmic Championships: Results        Level 2          Level 1
2011 GSNZ Northern Trampoline Championships Results:  Tramp     DMT     Synchro
2011 GSNZ Upper South Trampoline Championships Tramp DMT Synchro

2010 Results
2010 Canterbury Junior Championships Results
2010 North Shore Rhythmic Results Level 1 - 6 Level 7-10 & International Results
2010 North Shore Rhythmic Levels Groups & Pairs Results Stages Results
2010 Northern Trampoline Championships:     Tramp Results           DMT Results          Synchro Results

2010 MAG Competition Results for Olympia Athletes so far
Jaques Prinsloo
2010 Olympia Invitational Rhythmic Competition
2010 Canterbury Rhythmic Championships
Grade 2 Hoop Team
Coaches : Kathryn Holdsworth & Galina Safronova
Athletes: Holly McKay, Tessa Holly, Anna Taylor, Molly Hanning, Lilliana & Elysia Holdsworth
2010 South Island Trampoline Championships Tramp DMT & Synchro
2010 Auckland Manukau Trampoline Championships
- Tramp & DMT
2010 Olympia Ribbon Day Results

2010 GSNZ Upper South Regional Trampoline Championships - Tramp, Synchro & DMT

2010 CSG Trampoline Interclub.
- Tramp & DMT
2009 Results
2009 Christmas Recreation Trampoline Competition
Trampoline Red Badge - 1st Katherine Heard, 2nd Jayden McIntyre, 3rd Florence Nathan

Trampoline Blue Badge - 1st Jamie Fleck

Trampoline Green Badge - 1st Racheal Wickham, 2nd Ben Angelo, 3rd Scott Redman

Trampoline Open - 1st Tayla Clark, 2nd Megan Merrick, 3rd Makenzie Haberfield

DMT (Double Mini Tramp) Red Badge - 1st Katherine Heard, 2nd Jayden McIntyre, 3rd Florence Nathan

DMT Green Badge - 1st Jamie Fleck, 2nd Scott Redman, 3rd Ben Angelo

DMT Open - 1st Tayla Clark, 2nd Makenzie Haberfield, 3rd Megan Merrick
Olympia Gymnastic Sports were the 1st sports club in Canterbury to be awarded a “Gold” Clubmark Award from Sport Canterbury. This was in recognition of our excellent operational standards, we currently have a silver clubmark and when we get our building extension we will look at returning to gold status!
2009 Trampolining Central Island Regional Championships - Gisbourne May 29th-31st RESULTS
2009 Trampolining Upper South Regional Championships - Christchurch June 21st & 22nd RESULTS
2009 Trampolining Auckland Manukau Regional Championships - Auckland June 27th & 28th RESULTS
2009 GSNZ South Island Trampoline Championships RESULTS
2009 Artistic- Olympia Ribbon day RESULTS
2009 Artistic - CSG South Island Invitational Competition RESULTS
2009 Artistic - CSG Classic Competition RESULTS
2009 Rhythmic Otago Championships RESULTS
2009 Aussie All stars RESULTS