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This manual contains information regarding:
  • Olympia and its staff
  • Codes of Conduct for competitive gymnasts, coaches and parents
  • Code information on selection of competitive squads and teams, trial periods, uniform & competitions.
  • Training
  • General information
      • Invoicing structure for competitive squads
      • Holiday/Gym closure & holiday training
      • Coach/Gymnast ratios
      • Health & Safety / Injuries
      • Parent/Gymnast support
      • Lockers
      • Discipline/Respect
      • Training clothing  & Personal gear/property
      • Complaints Procedure
      • Squad liaison contacts
      • Volunteers/Parent Involvement
      • Code Committees (Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline)
      • Club Spirit
      • Fundraising

All 2016 competition dates can be viewed on the GSNZ National Event Calendars here.

26 May - 2 June 2014

Congratulations to the following athletes and officials from Olympia selected to represent New Zealand in Rhythmic and Trampoline at the Australian Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne.


Amelia Coleman - Senior International
Ashleigh O'Neill - Senior International
Akane Matsumoto - Level 9 Open
Elisa Richnow - Level 8 Open 
Tessa Steel - Level 7 Open 
Paris Chin - Level 7 Junior

Eleana Mesheryakova - Coach (Senior International)
Stephanie Birkett - Coach (Levels)


Jared Cooper - Senior International Men
Bethany Long - Junior International Women
Brooke Fleck - 15-16 Women
Brooke O'Neill - 15-16 Women 
Reegan Laidlaw - 13-14 Men
Charlotte Worley - 13-14 Women 
Benjamin Le Comte - 11-12 Men
Courtney Hillyer - 10 & Under Women

Alex Nilov - Coach

2013 NZ National Gymsport Championships
Napier 3-6 October
Congratulations to all the Olympia athletes who represented Canterbury and competed in the 2013 National Gymsports Championships in Napier 9-12 October 2013. Our athletes came away with 57 gold, 33 Silver and 33 Bronze medals across all competitive codes.

View the final results for all codes on the GSNZ website.

Olympia Results
Senior International Men’s 
James Darroch - 3rd Individual
James Darroch / Connor Fitzgerald - 3rd Synchro

Junior International Women’s 
Madaline Davidson - 1st Individual
Madaline Davidson / Bethany Long - 3rd Synchro

13-14 Women’s
Brooke Fleck - 1st Individual
Brooke O’Neill - 2nd Individual
Brooke Fleck / Brooke O’Neill - 1st Synchro

11-12 Men’s
Reegan Laidlaw - 1st Individual
Reegan Laidlaw / Ben Le Comte - 3rd Synchro

11-12 Women’s
Charlotte Worley - 2nd Individual, 3rd DMT
Charlotte Worley / Lucy Anderson - 1st Synchro

10 & under Men’s
Ben Le Comte - 1st Individual, 2nd DMT

10 & under Women’s
Tamara Marcijasz - 1st Individual, 1st DMT
Holly Fisher - 2nd DMT
Tamara Marcijasz /Holly Fisher - 1st Synchro

Coaching Medal
Alex Nilov
Senior International
Amelia Coleman - 2nd overall, 
1st Hoop, 1st Ball, 2nd Clubs

Highest Senior Apparatus Score Trophy
Ashleigh O’Neill - 1st Clubs, 3rd Hoop

Junior International
Annaliese Graham - 1st overall, 
2nd Hoop, 1st Ribbon
Mackenzie Figgitt  -2nd overall, 1st Hoop, 1st Ball,     
1st Clubs, 2nd Ribbon

Highest Junior Apparatus Score Trophy
Minette Prinsloo - 2nd Ball, 3rd Clubs

Stage 3
Liliana Holdsworth - 1st overall, 
1st Free, 1st Hoop,
2nd Ball, 1st Ribbon

Highest Stages Apparatus Score Trophy
Paris Chin - 2nd overall, 2nd Free, 1st Ball, 2nd Ribbon

Level 9
Chelsea Brewer - 1st overall, 
1st Hoop, 2nd Ball,
1st Clubs, 1st Ribbon

Level 8
Akane Matsumoto - 1st overall, 
1st Rope, 1st Ball,
1st Clubs, 3rd Ribbon

Ashleigh Pont - 2nd overall, 3rd Rope, 2nd Ball, 3rd Clubs, 1st Ribbon

Level 7
Elisa Richnow - 1st overall, 
2nd Rope, 1st Hoop,
1st Clubs

Level 5
Rosie Yeatman - 3rd free

Level 4
Hannah Ward - 2nd overall, 
3rd Rope, 1st Ribbon
Charlotte Ward - 1st Rope

Coaching Medals
Elena Mesheryakova, Kathryn Holdsworth

Stephanie Birkett, Laura Cadigan


Level 8
Daniel Price  -2nd Overall, 3rd Trans Tasman Overall,
Canterbury Team Gold, 1st Floor, 2nd Pommell,
2nd Parallel Bars, 3rd High Bar
Kento Minagawa - Canterbury Team Gold

Level 7
Andre Debenham - 1st Overall, 1st Trans Tasman Overall, Canterbury Team Silver, 1st Rings,
3rd Parallel Bars, 1st High Bar
Zack Bennett - 1st Parallel Bars
Theo Nankivell - 1st Pommell

Level 5
Patrick Smith - 2nd Overall, Canterbury Team Gold,
3rd Floor, 2nd Pommell, 3rd Parallel Bars

Level 4
Alexy Vitry Audibert - 2nd Overall, Canterbury Team Bronze, 1st Floor, 2nd Rings, 2nd Vault, 1st High Bar
Brody Hall - 1st Pommell, 3rd Parallel Bars, Canterbury Team Bronze

Coaching Medals
David Colvin


Step 10
Amy Buckley - 3rd Overall, Canterbury Team Gold,
1st Vault, 3rd Floor

Step 9
Emily Brace - 2nd Vault, 3rd Floor

Step 8
Ana Nogueira - Canterbury Team Silver

Step 7
Piper Bennett - Canterbury Team Bronze

Josephine Chao - 2nd Bars, Canterbury Team Silver

Jazpa Hammond-Parrish - 3rd Vault, 2nd Beam

Stella Ashcroft - 1st Overall, 3rd Vault, 3rd Bars,
1st Beam, 1st Floor

Coaching Medals
Angela Meier

The following Olympia Gymnasts & Trampoline Athletes, Coaches & Judges qualified and were selected for the 2013 Canterbury Team to the GymSport New Zealand Championships to be held in Napier in October:

Amelia Coleman - Rhythmic
Ashleigh O'Neill - Rhythmic
Mackenzie Figgitt - Rhythmic
Annaliese Graham - Rhythmic
Minette Prinsloo- Rhythmic
Liliana Holdsworth - Rhythmic
Paris Chin - Rhythmic
Chelse Brewer - Rhythmic
Akane Matsumoto - Rhythmic
Ashleigh Pont - Rhythmic
Elisa Richnow - Rhythmic
Lara Stevens - Rhythmic
Tessa Steel - Rhythmic
Rosie Yeatman - Rhythmic
Stephanie Lester - Rhythmic
Emily Walker - Rhythmic
Hannah Ward - Rhythmic
Charlotte Ward - Rhythmic
Annelise Gibbons - Rhythmic
Agave Yu - Rhythmic

Kathryn Holdsworth - Coach
Stephanie Birkett - Coach
Jenny Babonnick - Judge
Elena Mesheryakova - Judge
Summer Stewart - Judge
James Darroch - Trampoline
Connor Fitzgerald - Trampoline
Madaline Davidson - Trampoline
Bethany Long - Trampoline
Brooke O'Neill - Trampoline
Brooke Fleck - Trampoline
Charlotte Worley - Trampoline
Holly Fisher - Trampoline
Lucy Anderson - Trampoline
Courtney Hillyer - Trampoline
Reegan Laidlaw - Trampoline
Benjamin Le Comte - Trampoline
Tamara Marcijasz - Trampoline
Steven Wollenweber - Trampoline

Alex Nilov - Coach
Maria Darroch - Judge
Tania Fleck - Judge
Amy Buckley - Womens Artistic
Emily Brace - Womens Artistic
Ana Celina Nogueira - Womens Artistic
Piper Bennett - Womens Artistic
Stella Ashcroft - Womens Artistic
Jazpa Hammond-Parrish - Womens Artistic
Hayley Hall - Womens Artistic
Isabelle Chambers - Womens Artistic
Josephine Chao - Womens Artistic
Sarah McIntosh - Womens Artistic
Bethany Gibbens - Womens Artistic
Georgia Levey - Womens Artistic
Daniel Price - Mens Artistic
Andre Debenham - Mens Artistic
Zack Bennett - Mens Artistic
Jacques Prinsloo - Mens Artistic
Patrick Smith - Mens Artistic
Theo Nankivell - Mens Artistic
Brody Hall - Mens Artistic
Alexy Vitry Audibert - Mens Artistic
Kento Minagawa - Mens Artistic

Angela Meier - Coach
David Colvin - Coach/Judge
Nigel Price - Judge

55 Gymnasts & Trampoline Athletes in total - well done everyone!!

Olympia is the proud host and venue for the 2013 Primary Sports Canterbury (Mens & Womens Artistic 24 June and Rhythmic 1 July) and School Sport Canterbury Gymnastics Competitions (Trampoline, Mens & Womens Artistic, Rhythmic 10 June). 


Results of the Primary Sports Canterbury Artistic Gymnastics Competition hosted on Monday 24th June can be found here. Congratulations to all and a big thank you to all of our volunteer judges and parents.  

Results of the Primary Sports Canterbury Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition hosted on 1st July 2013 can be found here. Some photos of this event are below - congrats everyone!


Results of the Canterbury School Sport Secondary Gymnastics Competition hosted at Olympia Gymnastic Sports on Monday 10th June 2013 can be found here. Congratulations to all competitors who participated in artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline events.  It was a fun and enjoyable day!
For further information please see their respective websites: