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About Us

Olympia is the first club in Canterbury
To be awarded the Gold ClubMark award by Sport Canterbury - for professional excellence.  Olympia currently holds a Silver ClubMark award as it awaits building renovations to include amenities for the disabled, which is a new criteria under Sport Canterbury's award system.
Olympia is the only club in the South Island
To house all four Olympic codes (Rhythmic, Trampoline and Men’s & Women’s Artistic)!  With a full compliment of GSNZ qualified  junior, senior and high performance coaches.
Olympia is the only gymnastic club in New Zealand
To have elite senior gymnasts competing in two Olympic Gymnastic codes.
To provide elite international pathways for all four Olympia codes
To have provided all three New Zealand Rhythmic gymnastic representatives at the Commonwealth Games
Olympia has a most professional governance/management (separation) structure where expert skill based board positions are held.

Olympia Gymnastic Sports has developed five key strategic objectives/themes that lead towards;

"Providing gymnastic and sport related programmes and facilities that develop and grow community participation, supporting pathways to achievement at all levels"

The Strategic Objectives are;
  • Value, Develop and Celebrate our Gymnasts, Coaches, Administrators and Volunteers
  • Participating and Competing at the Highest Level Possible
  • Providing Pathways across and within all Gymnastic codes (GymSports)
  • World Class Gymnastic Facilities
  • Financially Independant & Efficient Operations
Careful consideration has ensured these objectives align with Olympia's strategic partners at a National and Regional level.

 Financially Independant & Efficient OperationsStimulate Participation & Develop a Sustainable & Efficient Organisation 
 Participating and Competing at the Highest Level Possible Develop Performance Excellence
 Providing Pathways across and within all Gymnastic codes Strengthen the Gymsports Community

 World Class Gymnastic Facilities Provide facilities for sport participation in all geographical areas of Christchurch

 Participating and Competing at the Highest Level Possible Increasing participation amongst young people across Canterbury

We have a variety of classes to suit all needs!

We also offer Birthday Parties on a Sunday please phone the gym to book on (03) 344 6060.
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