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Recreation Class Details
  • We offer numerous recreation classes to children from 18 months and older.
  • Our coaches hold national qualifications and they aim to see children improve on existing skills and gain the confidence to attempt new ones.
  • The classes are structured and cover the fundamental movement skills of Spring, Rotation, Landings, Swing, Statics, Manipulation and Locomotion. These foundation and movement skills are the building blocks of all sports, recreation activities and performing arts!
Emphasis is on FUN AND MOVEMENT SKILL DEVELOPMENT in a safe environment.
View Olympia's 2017 Recreation Programme Brochure here.
View Olympia's Parent/Caregiver Guide to Recreational Programmes here.

Incentive Award Testing
Next testing day will be in Term 2, 2018.
Movers & Shakers - 18 months-3 years old
Wednesday, Thursday or Friday 10:30-11.15am - $110
Under the guidance of accompanying parent and coach.
45 minute class designed to enhance your child's motor, listening and social skills through fun gymnastics incorporating FMP (Fundamental Movement Patterns - Rotation, Static, Manipulation, Landings, Locomotion, Swing and Spring).
Little Twisters - 3-5 years old
Wednesday or Friday 9:30-10:15am, 10.30-11.15am, & 1.45-2.30pm
Thursday 9:30-10:15am & 10.30-11.15am
Saturday 8:30-9:15am & 9:30-10:15am  - $125
45 minute class that will encourage development in self confidence, while increasing agility, strength and flexibility. Large apparatus, mats, beams and small apparatus are used within these classes, in conjunction with rhythmic activities, to broaden the child's experience.
High Flyers - 5-8 years old
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 3.30-4.30pm OR
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 4.30-5.30pm  - $140
1 hour class focusing on beam/balance, floor activities, bars, vault/bounce - GSNZ Incentive Award badges (refer to the information below).
Hot Shots - 8-12 years old
Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday 3.30-4.30pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 4.30-5.30pm - $140
1 hour class for older children who are beginners or those children who wish to build on their current skill level learnt at an earlier age - GSNZ Incentive Award badges (refer to the information below).
Hot Shots (extension) - 8-12 year olds
Tuesday or Wednesday 4.30-6.00pm - $195
1 1/2 hour class for those gymnasts who are ready for a longer class time and to try more challenging skills. Gymnasts will continue to perfect their beginner skills during these sessions also. An opportunity to put together routines for novice competitions.
Boys Recreation - 5-8 years old
Tuesday 3.45-4.45pm and Friday 3.30-4.30pm
Saturday 9.15-10.15am - $140
1 hour class specifically designed for boys to increase strength, flexibility and agility using men's large apparatus.

Boys Recreation - 8-12 years old
Thursday 4.00-5.00pm  - $140
1 hour class specifically designed for boys to develop skills and techniques as well as overall conditioning, using men's large apparatus.
Rhythmic Recreation
Thursday 3.40-4.40pm - $140
The Rhythmic class will allow the girls to build apparatus handling and flexibility skills using: Ropes, Ribbons, Balls and Hoops as well as developing dance. The Rhythmic Recreational gymnasts work towards sitting badges when ready. Many competitive Rhythmic Gymnasts started out in recreation rhythmic classes.

Rhythmic Recreation - Ashburton
Classes taken by Olympia's GymSport New Zealand qualified Senior Rhythmic Coach Michelle Smith-Copland. Click here for more information and class details.

Recreation Trampoline
Classes for 6 years and older
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 3.30-4.30pm & 4.30-5.30pm
Saturday 9.30-10.30am - 1 hour $140 per term, 2 hours $230 per term

Classes for 11 years and older
Tuesday and Thursday 5.30-7.00pm
Wednesday 6.30-8.00pm
Saturday 2.30-4.00pm - 1.5 hours $195 per term

Children learn safe techniques as well as building skills at their own development rate. To be able to bounce safely it is important to develop core body strength, so some conditioning work is done off the trampolines. Socks are required at all times. Children can be tested for GNZ incentive award badges (refer information below) and have the opportunity to compete at recreation competitions.
Adults Classes
Thursday 8.00-9.30pm - $20 per session
1 1/2 hour classes for our more mature members. Participants are encouraged to learn skills at their own pace. Opportunities available to compete in Masters Competitions.

POSTPONED FOR TERM 4 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (effective from Saturday 28 October).
Saturday 6.00-7.00pm - $15 per session
1 hour class for continued skill development for a range of ages and abilities.

General Information
We ask our members attending to wear appropriate clothing- bike pants and leggings with a fitted T-shirt or sweatshirt. Please avoid buttons and zips on clothing as this can catch on the equipment. For safety reasons all long hair must be tied up using a plain elasticized hair tie. For the trampoline classes, socks are compulsory.

Incentive Badges
The Incentive Award Programme consists of four gymsport streams. Each is a separate stream in the programme, namely Artistic (general gymnastics), Rhythmic, Trampoline and Aerobics.  Each gymsport stream consists of seven levels of participation, progressing from Level 1 to 7. We test in Term 1 and 4.

The levels can be identified by progressive colours – white (level 1), yellow (level 2), orange (level 3), green (level 4), blue (level 5), purple (level 6) and black (level 7).  The minimum age to enter this Awards Programme is 6 years of age and children are assessed during the class.


Olympia's Little Twisters enjoy a "Sea" themed session during Term


First Aid - our GSNZ qualified coaches have current first aid certificates and have access to first aid resources.

Mezzanine Floor/Viewing Area - we welcome parents to spectate and ask that you make yourself comfortable up on the mezzanine floor.  For safety reasons we ask that parents do not enter into the main gymnasium or talk to children over the balcony (an accident is more likely to occur if a child is looking up and distracted from the activity they are participating in).

Please note there is a 50 person restriction. This restriction has been put in place due to the facility having only one egress (stairway exit) available and the limit has not been placed due to structural deficiencies. There are 50 chairs on the mezzanine floor which is an indication to parents who are entering this area that the area is in fact full. We apologise if you miss out on watching your child's class if the mezzanine is full, however it is spectator(s) obligation to follow the health and safety notices of the Club.  
Dropping off, or picking up - please escort your children into and from the building.  We have an extremely busy carpark at the commencement/conclusion of sessions, and we also share this carpark with the Harvard Lounge and the playground and sports grounds located around the Club.  Please ask your children to remain in the building until collection and do not ask them to meet you in the carpark.  With thanks.

Illness, Head Lice and Other Medical Conditions - please call the office on 344 6060 if your child will be absent from the session booked.  We are most appreciative of those parents who keep their children at home when they are unwell to avoid the spread of infections.  Please let the office or Lead Coach know if there is any medical condition and/or allegery that needs to be notified for the safety and wellbeing of your child.

Effective Coaching - How your child will be guided throughout the session By developing management skills coaches learn how to ensure the appropriate behaviour of participants so that an optimal learning environment exists. If coaches do not establish and reinforce appropriate behaviour parameters at the start, they may be reduced to disciplining techniques that are unpleasant and create a negative environment.

It is very important that behaviour parameters are clearly outlined to all the participants at the start of the season. Coaches must be consistent both in their expectations and in enforcing the consequences of inappropriate behaviour. 

Following are some of the techniques used by our coaches for developing good team discipline and dealing with inappropriate behaviour:

Positive Preventative Management Often the way the coach has organised the session can provide opportunity for disruptive behaviour, for example too much waiting time and children do not have enough time on task. A coach can reduce or eliminate disruptive behaviour by being well organised in advanced, keeping the talk to a minimum and using variety or examples.  Coaches should ignore inappropriate behaviour or attention-seeking behaviour (unless safety is at risk) and reinforce with praise any positive appropriate behaviour. Try to catch athletes being ‘good’ rather than always being ‘bad’.

Verbal Warning When necessary, verbal warnings should be issued in a clear, no-nonsense manner, well timed and well targeted but not demeaning or harsh. If the participants choose to ignore the warning, they will be more inclined to alter their behaviour. If not, they risk the removal of privileges.

Removal of Privileges One effective method of dealing with a participant who refuses to modify inappropriate behaviour (after receiving a verbal warning) is to remove certain activities.  As safety is paramount any participant who is causing a disruption likely to injure themselves or another will be sat out.  Parents will be notified.

Feedback - we welcome your feedback, both positive and constructive.  To ensure our programmes are delivered to a high standard, please provide your feedback either to the office on 344 6060 or to the manager via email  Feedback can also be directed to The Board, P O Box 160079, Hornby, Christchurch 8441.